Lessons and levels

We offer high standards of teaching.


We offer Spanish from beginners to intermediate levels including GCSE and AS/A level preparation with an average of 6 to 10 students per class. Progress is carefully monitored throughout the week.


In the mornings there are 3 fun and active lessons. We focus on structure, sentence building and speaking using functional Spanish needed for everyday situations.


After lunch, students choose one activity for the week from:
'Drama' – British and Spanish students prepare a play which is staged at the end of the course.
'Computer Kids' – British and Spanish students work to produce the weekly  RCE newsletter and/or  Blog in the computer lab.
'Let's Talk' – we use language games to practise spoken Spanish in monolingual groups.


Our teachers are enthusiastic and highly experienced in teaching Spanish to students of all ages. We use a wide variety of books and our own materials. Lessons are varied and stimulating with plenty of one-on-one, pair and group work.