Sports, Activities and Excursions

"Meeting and speaking with Spanish students was easy and fun!"

Sports and Activities with Spanish students

We offer two hours of sports and activities each afternoon, with Spanish and British students participating in these together. Our team of teachers and activity monitors supervise and encourage the children to integrate and participate fully.
This is the perfect opportunity to practise Spanish while having fun.
The school has excellent sporting facilities, with 40 hectares of playing fields, a 25m indoor swimming pool, 15 tennis courts, a well-equipped sports centre and a mirrored dance studio. There are plenty of sports and activities to choose from: Swimming, tennis, football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, badminton, cricket, rugby, arts & crafts and dance.

Evening Activities

For Spanish and British students staying resident at the school, evenings are fun and relaxed. Our team of activity monitors are enthusiastic and work hard to provide a great evening for all.
Activities include talent and fashion shows, sports tournaments, quiz nights, treasure hunts, evening walks, dancing and much more. There are lots of opportunities to relax, chat, and make new friends. For sports enthusiasts, the tennis courts and the sports fields are available until bedtime. And…Saturday night is Disco night! Everyone dresses up ready to party.


On Wednesday afternoons we visit nearby beautiful and historic cities such as Winchester, Windsor and Portsmouth. These trips are greatly enjoyed by all.