Our English course offers the choice to be resident at the school or stay with a host family.

at King Edward's School

Students live in comfortable and modern boarding houses on the school campus. British students staying resident share the same houses. Evenings are fun and relaxed with activities that encourage students to interact and make new friends.

· The school offers a safe and secure environment .
· Houses have comfortable bedrooms and living rooms with TV, DVD and WIFI.
· All meals are taken in the School Dining Hall.
· Evenings are fun and relaxed with talent and fashion shows, film nights, games and discos.
· Students are well cared for by a strong and experienced team.

with a host family

Students attend lessons and activities at King Edward’s School from 9.30-17.30 and enjoy their evenings and weekends with their host family. This option is only available for students aged 14+.

· Time and care is taken to select families.
· We place one student per family, occasionally two may be placed together.
· All meals are with the family except lunch which is provided at the school.
· Travel tickets are offered for public transport to and from the school.
· Students attend Wednesday and Sunday excursions.


We take great care to ensure students are happy and integrated into the course at all times. We have years of experience working with children and a high staff to student ratio of 1:7. Our team comprises Course Managers, Teachers, Activity Leaders and Monitors who all take care of the welfare of the students in a safe and secure environment. Monitors accompany students on flights from Spain so students are in safe hands from the point of departure until their return.