We offer exceptional service.

Pupils have the option to be resident or attend as a day student. Spanish youngsters are resident at the school for the whole course. This is a great opportunity for both English and Spanish youngsters to make friends and practise the language they are learning with native speakers.

DAY and resident STUDENTS

Lessons and activities take place at King Edward’s School and run Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 17:30 with extended care available from 08:30 to 18:30. Mornings are dedicated to language learning in monolingual groups whilst afternoons offer a host of sports and activities which are shared with the Spanish students. All students may attend our mid-week excursion.


Resident students share boarding houses with our Spanish youngsters for real language immersion. Although lessons run from Monday to Friday, resident students may choose to stay an extra night, arriving on Sunday evening and/or staying until Saturday morning.
Houses are onsite and have comfortable bedrooms and living rooms with TV and WIFI. All meals are taken with the Spanish students in the Dining Hall. Evenings are relaxed, with fun activities encouraging students to interact and make new friends.

Student care

We take great care to ensure students are happy and integrated into the course at all times. We have years of experience working with children and a high staff to student ratio of 1:7. Our team comprises Course Managers, Teachers, Activity Leaders and Monitors who all take care of the welfare of the students in a safe and secure environment.